The Tutorial is finally available! Come take a tour, you might learn a tip or two 🙂

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Game Improvement:

  • The Tutorial with a new NPC: Captain Faranor!
  • Others sources of lights, items & monster are no longer visible at distance. And stay hidden until you discover the zone.

Game Balance:

  • The number of free chest has been slightly reduced.
  • Some monsters will also drop a bit less items now.
  • The Base time for appraising has been reduced from 500T to 400T.
  • The Paid chest now only drops identified & uncursed items.
  • The first Slingshot on the starting level is now always identified & uncursed.

UI improvements:

  • You can switch items’ positions in the inventory.
  • More details in the appraising information text.
  • The Bestiary now also shows the Evasion and Critical chances of Monsters.
  • At the start of a level, the Tip panel is now sequential and shows all tips in order when you touch it.

Fixed bugs:

  • Character can’t attack or be attacked in some rare cases after zoning or talking to the Faery.
  • Curse protection on items not registering in the character’s statistics.
  • Selling items not reducing the weight carried by the character.
  • Overburden sound looping.
  • Novice bow, or stones sometimes not appearing in the inventory.
  • 2 handed check missing when auto equipping the Novice Staff or the Novice Shield.
  • Head piece or Offhand piece information not refreshed when equipped.
  • The Long Sword has a faulty arrow property breaking the arrows’ count.
  • Unrequired path traced toward the exit in the starting zone levels.
  • Archer Gauntlet appearing as a Plate Gauntlet in the inventory.
  • Many typo corrected.

Thanks all for your interest, happy gaming and thanks for your support!