Version 0.27 Release Notes
Sunday July 07rd, 2018

Hello everyone,

We’re thrilled to announce our biggest patch to date, with all final features that we wanted to implement before the final release.
We intend to exit Early Access with our next patch, planned in 10 days (if all goes smoothly): July 17th, 2018.

We’ve created lots of new content that should enhance your gameplay’s experience: more than 240 new sprites plus new game mechanisms.
Dungeons are now less generic, as each room is now built according to a random archetype (dining room, hall, kitchen, etc.), with specific parameters adapted on each dungeon
floor. These room archetypes can also be altered by random hazards: flood, hidden doors, traps, locked doors, etc.


Game Improvement:

  • New graphism to portray the player on the last screen of Character’s creation.
  • Room Archetypes:
    [*]Spider Nest
    [*]Monster Lair
  • Room Hazards:
    [*]On Fire
  • New monsters:
    [*]Spicky Spider
    [*]Wooly Spider
    [*]Black Widow
  • New items:
    [*]Copper Key
    [*]Iron Key
    [*]Gold Key
    [*]Pear (150 nutrition points)
    [*]Apple (250 nutrition points)
  • A hidden spell to discover.
  • A new trap, [Simple Trap]
  • New decorations, rocks, animal critters.
  • TOP 10 Steam Leaderboard.
  • New difficulty mode [Nightmare] that grants +200% score bonus and even more monsters with +40% on statistics.

Game Mechanisms:

  • Added Closed rooms that need to be opened with a specific key.
  • If there’s no available key, you can still break the padlock. Each attempts costs 300 nutrition points. Break chance raised by STR stats. Thieves have a +20% Open Lock
  • Your character passively looks for hidden doors within a 2 tiles range. Chance of discovery is raised by 5% each turn your character is close to a hidden door. Archers have a
    +20% bonus on Detect Hidden.
  • If you walk on a Chasm tile, you will drop one floor below.
  • You lose 1 turn when walking on a bramble in an Overgrown room.
  • Walking on a toxic puddle causes a 20% disease.
  • Water on floor can extinguish fire if you are burning.

Game Balance:

  • Start the game with one key of each type in your inventory.
  • Keys can be dropped from drawers, kitchen shelves, crates and vases.
  • All traps now deal more damage.
  • Fire traps and Fire walls now cause Burning for 3 turns.
  • Vases no longer drop food.
  • Animation to break items is 2 times faster.

UI improvements:

  • New monsters added to the Bestiary.
  • New top 10 Steam Leaderboard page available from the High Scores panel.

Fixed bugs:

  • Tutorial stuck when identifying item.
  • Shortcut for diagonal movements not assigned to Numpad.
  • Trap damage shown twice.

Thanks all for your interest, happy gaming and thanks for your support!