Author: Stephane Valverde

Patch 0.11 & Patch 0.16 Stores & skills

Hi everyone! Another important patch: pieces of equipment now have a statistic requirement, so they can’t be equipped if you don’t meet this requirement. This doesn’t mean that a Magician with low strength can’t wear any heavy armor. You can mitigate this with our new Skill system. We’re introducing 12 Skills for your character that can be improved with Skill points! You hero will now gain 1 new skill point per level, that you can choose to spend on one of those Skills. These skills can lower a specific statistic requirement, or raise your resistances, or even raise your combat abilities. Game Balance: Pieces of equipment now have a statistic requirement on STR, DEX, INT or WIS. New Skill system, with 1 points per level to distribute. The 12 skills are: Athletics / Archery / Logic / Piety / Herbalism / Arcanism / Alchemy / Vitality / Marksmanship / Soldiering / Luck / Acrobatics. UI improvements: Added a new tab for the Skill system. Icon alert when a new Skill point is available to distribute. Fixed bugs: Monsters can’t be hit when placed on a trap or a zone effect. Rooms too close to the map limit, without enclosing walls. Many typos on the vendor and buff descriptions. YES button difficult to trigger on the Vendor screen. Vendor refusing to buy some unidentified items. Thanks all for your interest,...

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Paper Dungeons Crawler now on Early Access!

Don’t mess with the Priest! Paper Dungeons Crawler, has just been released on Early Access. With an engaging system, the players have to learn and remember and to draw their spells onto their runic compass Vegvisir to be really effective. Take a look at our trailer:...

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